Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey Glams!
It’s that time of year again. The day of hearts, flowers, and love! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are showing you some great gift ideas.

For the pandora jewelry lover:

Pandora is a great place to buy anything from charms to bracelets to even a simple ring. We love this charm because it is two toned rosegold sterling silver. Having a two toned piece of jewelry is great because it can match to more outfits. Also, this piece can be worn on a bracelet or on a necklace. Having this piece is great since you can have a dual purpose usage of it. One of the cutest things about this piece is the engraving on the charm. On the silver part of the heart, it has an engraving of “All of me loves all of you”. We are in awe of the verse it has from the song. It gives that extra addition to making someone feel special on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for something simple and cute, try to take a look at this great piece.

For the Romantic one:

Looking for something that will melt your love’s heart? This lovebook is the perfect gift idea for the person who loves the little things. This book is a cute idea for Valentine’s Day. We ordered this book online called This is a custom book that you write about your significant other and yourself. The website site gives you a questionnaire and based of that questions formulates a cute story. We honestly love this and definitely recommend this cute gift idea.

For the Flower and Chocolate lover:

Who doesn’t like chocolate and flowers? is a great place online to get your Valentine’s day even has a combo deal where you can pick what you would like to send to that special someone. You can also add a special note with your gift to make it more personalized. There is something special about sending a gift as a surprise to that special someone. We love this idea and highly recommended it.

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