🕶😎Sunglasses Haul🕶😎

Hola Glammanistas!😎

The weather outside is warm, fun, and bright☀️. We are loving ❤️this time of year and enjoying the spring breeze🌤. The sun ☀️is out more than ever and we need to look for some new 😎shades ya’all! New season means for new sunglasses to add to our outfit and toprotect our beautiful eyes🕶😎. Today we shall discusses our Sunglasses Haul😎🕶😎.

Jessica Simpson Square Glam– These sunglasses are so cute for spring. These square glam sunglasses are from the Jessica Simpson collection and come in many different colors. These pair are rose gold with a hint of pink and grey which give it a nice touch. Also, these square glam sunglasses have 100% UVprotection and keeps our eyes protected from the sun. We got these pair from Carson’s for a good deal which is a plus in our book. We recommend these pair of sunglasses because they are chic, have UV protection, and can be worn for any age group🕶❤️.

Diff Captin Marvel– These sunglasses will have you spring time ready in no time. These captin marvel sunglasses are from the Diff Chariable Eyewear collection and we love how this company gives back.  For every Diff  pair sold 😎they donate a 👓pair of reading glasses to someone in need❤️🥰. These captin marvel sunglasses are gold with blue to red lens and come in different colors as well🕶😎. We recommend these sunglasses because they are stylish and with a purchase of any Diff sunglasses the company donates reading glasses to someone in need which is a double ➕➕ in our book❤️🕶👓

Justin Color Mix Ray Bans– Ray bans glasses are so chic and have a sense of class with the way they are designed. Ray bans have many different type of style sunglasses. There are many collections of Ray bans that will interest you😎😎🕶.

This was our Sunglasses Haul. What are your favorite type of sunglasses🕶? Which brand of sunglasses do you love🕶😎? We love to hear from y’all! Please Comment down below and Subscribe!

<3 Angie


  1. Binka says:

    Awesome sunglasses🕶I am due for a new pair😊😊

    1. Angie B says:

      Thank you! Let us know which pair you get🥰🥰❤️❤️🕶🕶

  2. Ava says:

    Loving all the sunwear! I want a rose gold pair🕶🕶😎😎😎

    1. Angie B says:

      We love all the sunglasses too🕶😎!

  3. Ariee says:

    Supercute sunglasses🕶🕶🕶All different and unique 😎😎🕶

    1. Angie B says:

      Thanks girl❤️😀😀😀

  4. Brooklyn says:

    Thanks for showing us all the cool sunglasses 😎😎😎

    1. Angie B says:

      No problem🥰😀😀

  5. Jenelle says:

    Sunglasses look awesome! 😎😎😎Loving the rose gold pair🥰

    1. Angie B says:

      Rose gold is def trending alot this year for sure🥰🥰

  6. Paola says:

    Badass sunglasses🕶😎🕶!

    1. Angie B says:

      Thanks love😎🕶😎🕶

  7. Elianna says:

    Dope shades!

    1. Angie B says:


  8. Keira says:

    Summer ready sunglasses😎Love all the looks🕶

    1. Angie B says:


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