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Hey Glammers😎,

Spring/Summer vibes are here to stay🌞.Now that warm ☀️weather is here it is time to switch up our bags from winter ❄️to spring🌸. Bags are always fun and help add to our outfits. From boxy💼 styles to slouchy 👜totes, here’s how you’ll be accessorising this spring. Today we going to discuss Bagpack Trends🎒.

Coach Medium Charlie Backpack-This coach bag is perfect for the warmer weather. We got this backpack from the Coach 🎒Outlet for a good 😍price. This bag is black with gold accents however comes in different colors as well😀. Also, we like its leather and its really easy to clean off when you spill something on it which is a plus👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. We recommend to get this bag because its chic, fun, and lightweight 🎒😎🎒.

Besty Johnson Heart Lock Backpack– Backpacks 🎒are a huge trend this season. We got this backbag from Amazon and for a really great deal. This bagpack is plush pink however it does come in different colors as well. The backpacks are very comfortable and the straps 😍are great. The design is cute, fun, and🕶 stylish. The bag has enough room for your essentials. Take this bag out and have fun! Enjoy it🎒🎒😎.

Kate Spade Hartkey Watson Backpack-This Kate Spade backpack is the biggest trend of this season🎒🎒🎒. The color of the bag is fabulous and the gold zippers give it a splash of class. This bag is roomy and will fit things that you need😍.Also, there is an extra pocket in the front that you can use for storage. Get yourself a backpack and enjoy🎒❤️🎒😉.

These are our Backpack Trends🎒🎒🥰. What are some of your favorite backpack trends🎒? We love to hear from y’all😀😀😀! PLEASE COMMENT down below and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!🥰🎒

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  1. Kylie says:

    Super bags!🎒🥰

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  2. Carly says:

    Omg! Supercute bagpacks😉🎒

    1. Angie B says:

      Ty so much😀😀

  3. Taylor says:

    Bagpacks look sickkk😀

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  4. Barbie says:

    Lovin all these styles🥰🎒🎒❤️

    1. Angie B says:

      Ty❤️! We do too🥰🥰

  5. Karla says:

    The bagpacks are so cute freaking cute💞😊

    1. Angie B says:

      Thank you! We love them too🥰🥰

  6. Giovanna says:

    Great bagpacks🎒😃

    1. Angie B says:

      Ty so much🥰🥰

  7. Jay says:

    Great bagpack ideas🥰❤️🥰

    1. Angie B says:

      Thank you🥰

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