Our Ride Or Die Makeup Products

Hola Glammers,

We are gearing the end of February and loving it! Groundhog saw its shadow which mean spring is coming sooner than we think! However, till spring decides to show up we always have are go to makeup products. We take our few makeup products everywhere we go in our purse. Today we are going to discuss Our Ride or Die Makeup Products.




Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara- We carry this makeup product everywhere we go. Always in our bag when we on the go. We got this mascara from thrivecausemetics.com and for a good price as well. Every product you purchase on this website helps a women thrive which we love. We love buying products with a cause and helps donate to a women in need. We definitely recommend this product and supercute to throw in your purse.



Red Hot Cream Lipstick- This lipstick is perfect to add to your go to makeup products. We got this lipstick from the Kyliecomestics.com and for a good deal as well. We love having a lipstick in our purse at all times. You need know when will it come in handy especially when you accidentally run into your crush. This lipstick has a smooth and creamy formula that goes on perfectly on your lips. Also, this lipstick comes in many different colors if red isn’t your shade. We recommend lipstick as your ride or die because it stays on your lips smoothly.


Flawless Ultra Longwear Concealer- Concealer is a must have on your on the go purse. This concealer we got from Sephora for a good price. By touching up dark under eye circles, acne spots, redness, and discoloration, concealer gives you the appearance of a full night’s sleep and clear skin.Plus, the packaging is conveniently slim, so it’ll never take up much space in your bag. We recommend having this concealer in your bags at all times because its a life saver.


These are Our Ride or Die Makeup Products. What are your Ride or Die Makeup Products? We love to hear from y’all. Please SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT down below! Buzki!